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Susan Scissors

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I am honored that the Kelmscott Scissor company has designed a pair of their beautiful tiny snips in my honor. I am kind of speechless. Awhile back, Paula of Kelmscott, asked if they could design a pair of scissors for me and use my name in the title. I was sent samples and was kept abreast of the progress along the way. The final design is fantastic and the name of the pair is simply Susan Scissors!

Kelmscott has kindly sent Barrett Wool Co. a preview sampling of these adorable scissors. They won't be available anywhere else for at least a couple of weeks. Thank you to Kelmscott for the nod and I sincerely love your tiny snips. The Susan Scissors are easily my new favorites.

Product Information
  • 2.75-inches tall
  • TSA safe
  • Stainless steel
  • Made in Canada