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Rag Jackrabbit Kit


Rag Jackrabbit Kit

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I’m so excited to be included as a contributor in the upcoming Making Magazine No. 7 / Desert. From the previews I’ve seen so far, it is going to be a stunning collection of knit, sewing and other crafting projects. For knitting the projects include socks, shawls, a top, a tunic and sweaters. I’m particularly proud of my project which is called Rag Jackrabbit. I made the rag rabbits by holding two strands of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight together which made for some winning marled color combinations. The pattern for the Rag Rabbits is only available in the magazine which is officially released on April 19, 2019. 

There are other crafts included in this issue of the magazine like sewing, embroidery, recipes, natural dyeing, needle-felting, macrame and more!
Today we are offering something we haven’t done very often. We are inviting you to pre-order the Rag Jackrabbit Kits that includes an optional (in case you already subscribe) copy of Making No. 7 / Desert. This way we can get a good gauge on how many kits and magazines we need ahead of time.

You will love this issue so much and I know you will love knitting these adorable little Rag Jackrabbit sets! They are really the sweetest.

The Kit Includes:
  • Four perfectly sized skeins of Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight in the following colors: Birch, Oats, Quaker Gray and Hawthorn. This is enough yarn to make at least one of each of the three rabbits shown.
  • An optional copy of Making Magazine No. 7 / Desert. Please note that the Rag Jackrabbit pattern is only available in the magazine at this time.
  • A cut length of Strawflower Home Fingering Weight for the nose and black thread for the eyes and mouth.
  • A tin of 20 assorted color stitch markers.
  • Your kit will come packed in a hand-stamped natural cotton project bag.