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Wisconsin Woolen Spun


Wisconsin Woolen Spun

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Our Barrett Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen Spun Yarns are about as close to homespun as we can get. The Merino and Corriedale wool is gathered from Midwestern farms right here in the United States. The carefully curated wool is then spun and dyed at a near to us Wisconsin mill. The yarn is spun using the woolen process. Our BWC Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns are two-ply in both the fingering and worsted weight and are available in 100 gram skeins. 

Woolen spun yarn is known to be light as air, durable, warm and lofty. This yarn delivers on every account. After the washing and blocking of the finished item, the fibers bloom and the fabric becomes very soft. The yarn is that perfect combination of rustic and beautiful and can be used for any colorwork or lace project, sweaters, toys, shawls, hats, mittens and even socks. 

Our small batch of Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns are charming, sweet, fun to knit, and they leave you wanting more when your project is completed.

Enjoy having a little part of Wisconsin in your knitting! 

Fingering Weight:

450 Yards / 100 Grams

Gauge: 8 sts / inch on US 1

7.5 sts / inch on size US 2

7 sts / inch on size US 3

Sport Weight:

180 Yards / 50 Grams

Gauge: 6.5 sts / inch on US 3

6.25 sts / inch on size US 4

6 sts / inch on size US 5

Worsted Weight:

250 Yards / 100 Grams

Gauge: 5.5 sts / inch on US 6

5 sts / inch on size US 7

4.5 sts / inch on size US 8