100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit
100 Squares Blanket Kit

100 Squares Blanket Kit

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I made a new blanket. You may remember that I made a sampler-style blanket in our Home Worsted yarn a couple of years ago with way fewer squares. With this new blanket, made in our Home Fingering weight, mainly consisting of mitered squares, I added many more interesting “blocks” to the mix. My love of knitting and quilting combined to the highest degree in this project. I'm so proud of it all. Without further ado here it is!

The 100 Squares Blanket is perhaps the most fun project I have ever made and I’ll tell you the main reason. It is simple, so simple. Most of the squares are mitered and picked up as you go and the concept is quickly and easily memorized. Most of the ends are woven in as you go which makes the finishing no effort at all. Once you get the hang of how to create the mitered square you’ll never look back. Your own creativity can take over. You can pick up and put down the blanket at any time, you’ll never lose your place. In the end, it’s a visually stunning and functional project that you will love to make, love to keep, or love to gift. It is truly a spectacular blanket.

As far as this “pattern” goes, it is a guide and only a guide. I provide links that will direct you to the different free and paid-for patterns I used to make some of the specialty squares, and mainly I direct you to and free formula for the mitered square blanket from The Knitting Squirrel blog. This is where you'll get the basic concept for mitered squares used throughout the blanket. I wrote out how to make each of the mitered squares in the pattern guide with colors and number of garter ridges as seen in the sample blanket. Many of the other unique squares I made have detailed instructions included right in the pattern, as well. So the guide is very helpful and you will easily be able to recreate my blanket. Evan has come up with a clever way for you to see each square in the rows in the guide. It is set up using the photo of the blanket as a sort of chart to locate each square. I think you’ll like it!

As always, I think you should change anything and everything and make it all your own if you’d like. If not, make one just like mine. Either way, it’ll be good fun and you’ll have a lovely cozy blanket in the end.  

We have created new and lovely 100 Squares Blanket Kits for you today!

We’ve received so many questions about the blanket and the kits so I am going to answer some of the most common questions:

1. Can you make the 100 Squares Blanket with one kit? The sample blanket that I made weighs 670 grams in total. Each kit has 150 grams of yarn. You will need 5 kits to make the entire blanket like the sample.

2. What kit colorways should I order? Some people ordered one of each of the five different kits, and some people ordered one kit with some of their favorite colorways, and some people ordered five of the same kit that contained their favorite yarn colorways. It’s up to you!

3. Are all of the colorways in the blanket sample included in the kits? Almost all of the yarn colorways are included in the kits (from last time and this time) but we are out of just a few of the colors like Bluff and Marmalade, for example. But you could just substitute in a different color when you get to those spots if you are following the guide.

Special Needles - Don’t miss this! - Now Sold Out

The kit has an option to include the most beautiful 7-inch straight needles. These needles are elegant and sleek, the yarn slides across them in the loveliest way. If you are at all able, I highly recommend getting a pair of these US size 3 straight needles. We have had these in waiting for the longest time for the release of this kit. In the meantime, the company, Signature Needle Arts, has closed, so this offer is limited. There is no option for us to get more of these beautiful needles. They are such a huge treat.

Included in the 100 Squares Blanket Kit:

* Our squishy Home Fingering Weight yarn in bundles of 6 mini-skeins, 25 grams each, to get you started (or finished). Each bundle has 150 grams of yarn in total. The blanket weighs in at 670 grams in total including the edging. To make the full blanket you would need 5 bundles. Each square uses about 7 grams of yarn (this varies slightly depending on the square). 

We have 5 kit colorways from which to choose:

100 Squares Blanket Kit #1 colors:

Iris (orchid purple)

Grassland (medium green)

Strawflower (hint of pink)

Wild Grass (chartreuse green)

Red Flannel (the perfect red)

Wood Violet (lavender purple)

100 Squares Blanket Kit #2 colors:

Big Woods (forest green)

Red Flannel

James (hint of peach)

Stationery (oatmeal + light gray)

Snowy Pine (icy mint green)


100 Squares Kit #3 colors:

Field (mustard green)

Folkstone (dark gray)

Poppy (bright red) or Red Flannel

Duckling (sweet light yellow)

Scout (deep teal blue)

Ellie Gray (light gray)

100 Squares Blanket Kit #4 colors:

Pepin (eggplant purple)

Priscilla (sweet light pink)

Folkstone (dark gray)

Humble Gold (gold)


Scout (deep teal blue)

* The 100 Squares Field Guide pattern is included for FREE! The pattern/guide will be in the form of a Ravelry download code on a printed card inside your kit bag. I think you will love this guide! 

* Optional add-on: Signature Needle Arts 7-inch straight needles. Add these to your kit purchase to maximize this project to the millionth degree. I can’t say enough about how these needles add to the enjoyment of this project. We have a limited quantity so when they’re gone they’re gone.

* One high-quality quilty-love Barrett Wool Co. sticker comes with each kit.