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What do I say to a Box of Bunnies? I say an exuberant yes! We had so much fun with our Good Tidings Box over the holidays that we want to carry on with a springtime box and of course, bunnies came to my mind. I have designed dozens of bunny patterns through the years and it remains one of my favorite topics. 

So the Box of Bunnies will be similar to the Good Tidings Box in several ways, preorder, free worldwide shipping, and it will be chock-full of new patterns, beautiful yarns, accessories to complete the projects, and a few fun extras. But one main difference is that this is strictly a toy-knitting box. There will be three new bunny designs/patterns in this box. 

The Box of Bunnies by Barrett Wool Co. is a surprise box. You’ll have to trust us, I love every design and item in the box and I hope you will, too. We have put a lot of effort into creating a full-on bunny knitting experience for you. I can’t think of anything better.

I can tell you some general information though so here it goes.

The Box of Bunnies includes:

🥕 3 new and exclusive kits! All designed by Susan. I’ve designed some creative and completely charming bunnies that will make you fall in love with toy knitting. Each bunny pattern is new and different. You will get all the accessories to complete each pattern (safety eyes, thread for face embroidery, etc). All that you will need are your knitting needles, some stuffing, and maybe a needle and thread for buttons. 

🥕 3 printed pattern booklets. You will also be sent a link for the PDF digital download for each pattern via email.  

🥕 6 skeins of custom-ordered Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted Weight, enough yarn to make all three of your new bunny kit patterns, and then some.

🥕 5 additional treasures, some original things from Susan and some from other guests. 

🥕 A letter explaining all of the contents of the box. 

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! This is for ALL orders of the Box of Bunnies. 

The Box of Bunnies by Barrett Wool Co. is a limited offering. Once it’s gone it’s gone. 

Please note: The patterns in the box will be released individually for purchase next winter.  Other items may be released for purchase next winter, as well. 

We love and appreciate you. Thank you for supporting us with our second mystery box adventure. We got such great feedback from our first box and we hope you love this one just as much. We are excited to send it your way!