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Little Long Johns Mini-Kit

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I’ve had the idea of designing the Little Long Johns ornament in my head for a long time. And in the end, they have turned out, back flap and all, just the way I imagined. The Little Long Johns ornament is small and sweet, just a little silly and a lot old-fashioned.

I used our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight and Sport Weight and you only need a little. The long johns are worked from the top-down with raglan increases. The sleeve stitches are separated and held. The body is worked down and the legs are worked one at a time from there. Then the sleeves stitches are returned to and finished. The back flap is picked up and knit onto the backside. Finally, black beads are stitched on as the finishing touch for buttons.

Enjoy your Little Long Johns!

Included in the Long Johns Mini-Kit 

  • Enough Wisconsin Woolen Spun Sport Weight in the Jam or Oats colorways or Fingering Weight in Blushing or Bay Leaf colorways to make one pair of long johns.
  • A Ravelry download code for the Little Long Johns pattern is included at no extra cost. This code will come on a printed card inside your kit bag.
  • A cut-length of red baker's twine to make ornament loops or a garland.
  • Black beads for the buttons (You will need to provide the thread and needle for attaching the beads.)
  • One tiny hanger
  • Two mini-clothespins
  • The kit comes packaged in a hand-stamped natural cotton bag