Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit
Tall House Mini-Kit

Tall House Mini-Kit

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First, we had the Little House and now we're adding the Tall House to fill out your village! The Tall House is accompanied by a new kit and we’ve finally restocked our amazing BWC Little House Tape Measures once again. The kit can be used to make either the new Tall House or the original Little House. 

There are two parts to the Tall House project. The first is our Tall House Mini-Kit. The Mini-Kit is easy on the pocketbook and has enough of our Woolens yarn to create one house, either the Tall House or the original Little House. There are three Kit color themes from which to choose and a few extras to boot (see the photo below). The complementary Tall House pattern and the Little House pattern are included with the kit as download codes.

The Tall House has the same construction as the Little House. It is a seamless knit with a fun and simple construction. The pattern has four exclusive tutorial videos and there are also tutorial photos included to help you along the way.

The second part of the Tall House Project and Mini-Kit is my FAVORITE item we have ever released. I don’t say that lightly.

Introducing the Little House BWC Tape Measures by Kata Golda!


The fabric is a 50/50 organic cotton and hemp blend that is botanically dyed by Alison. She uses madder root, walnuts, fustic, indigo, and more. The colors are muted, vibrant, and rich all at the same time. The Little House tape measure is both stitched by hand and by machine. It is a tiny treasure, a complete work of art. I have a couple set aside to keep but it was so hard to choose. Each one is better than the last. They are charming beyond belief.

The chimney is the pull for the tape measure and the button to retract the tape measure is our logo stamped on the back of the house with hand-stitching going around. 

To purchase a tape measure individually click here!

The Kit Includes:

  • Woolens sport weight in one of three options. Option one contains Beck (blue), Wells (medium gray) and Pound Cake (yellow). Option two contains Snowbound (white), Vine (green), and Beck (blue). Option three contains Pound Cake (yellow), Wells (medium gray) and Door County (red). You will receive enough yarn to make one Tall House or Little House.
  • An optional Little House BWC Tape Measure. This will come in a randomly selected color (there are hundreds of options!).
  • A cut length of black cotton thread for the door and window embroidery.
  • A tin of stitch markers.
  • A Ravelry download code for both the Tall House & Little House patterns at no extra cost. These will come on printed cards inside your kit.