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Wrap-Me-Up Toys Kit

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Introducing Sam the Lamb, Pal the Puppy, Priscilla the Pig and Mitten the Kitten!

These are the new Wrap-Me-Up Toys and we are so excited to be offering our first Barrett Wool Co. Kit. Each animal friend has its own blanket for bundling up. You know how kids love to put their toys to bed again and again? These toys are the perfect bedtime buddies for this activity.

Our new Wrap-Me-Up Toys kit comes with enough yarn (50 grams each of Home Worsted Weight in Humble Gold, Priscilla, Ellie Gray, and Bear, plus a small amount of Picket Fence) to make all four animals, one striped garter stitch blanket, and thread for the face embroidery. It also includes a digital Ravelry download code for the Wrap-Me-Up Toys pattern.

The pattern will be available for individual purchase, as well. The pattern includes instructions for all four toys and for four different blankets.