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Snap-On Faux Fur Pom-Poms


Snap-On Faux Fur Pom-Poms

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Get two Pom-Poms for $10.00 with code POM at checkout! 

Add two additional snaps to your order for $1.00. This can be selected as the last option in the color drop-down list.

Size: 7-inch circumference after blow-drying (measurement around the outer circumference of the faux fur)

We now have our brand new faux-fur poms with snap attachments available in the Mercantile. I am really excited about these for lots of reasons but mainly for the quality, the colors, and the snap. The bottom part of the snap is attached to the top part of the snap which is on the bottom of the pom-pom. You'll need to unsnap the bottom part when you are ready to stitch it on to the hat.
I filmed a quick video on how to attach the snap to the top of your hat, it’s really simple (click here to see the video). 
Tip: Here’s a quick tip on fluffing up the pom-poms. After you remove the pom-pom from the packaging, take a quick second to fluff up the faux-fur with your blow dryer. Believe me, it is worth it! I can’t believe how much better the poms look after the quick blow dry and it only takes a second or two. Click here for a video demonstration.