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Barrett Wool Co. is proudly offering 100% American sourced, spun and dyed wool yarns to our customers. Our thoughtfully created custom yarns and colorways will bring a lovely vitality to any of your projects.
A Quick Note from Susan

Hi, Knitters,

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure. I’m looking forward to knitting with all of you and to bringing you our fantastic yarns, colors and fresh new patterns. 

But first a little bit more about my new company, Barrett Wool Co.

xo ~ susan

A Little History

It’s All About That B.

Have you ever wondered what the B. in Susan B. Anderson stands for? The B. stands for my maiden name, Barrett, which is now my middle name. The story of my new company, Barrett Wool Co. starts and ends with this beloved family name.
Here is how it all began... 

As a teenager Susan Barrett taught herself to knit one summer and since then has never stopped. She went to college, started teaching middle school, got married and became Susan Anderson. Along the way Susan and her husband had four children. She continued to knit every spare moment she could find. As a young mother she retired from teaching public school in 1996 and started designing knitwear mainly for children and babies with some good local success. In 2004 she got a book deal for the first of her six knitting books published through Artisan Books. Susan's publisher suggested that she use her middle initial to spruce up her somewhat common name. After her first book was published, Itty-Bitty Hats, she became known as Susan B. Anderson in the knitting world.

Let’s jump forward a few years.

Barrett Wool Co.

Susan B. Anderson is the Creative Director, co-founder and owner of Barrett Wool Co. and she is proud to finally be able to bring you her first line of top-grade custom yarns and her finely developed patterns.

Barrett Wool Co. is the happy culmination of years of Susan’s hard work in and dedication to the knitting industry. Susan B. Anderson is a best-selling knitting book author, designer, award-winning blogger, writer, and international knitting instructor. Susan’s love of knitting and wool has spanned over 30 years. She has worked as a freelance designer for many top yarn companies, magazines and independent companies. These experiences have given her the opportunity to work with more yarns than she could count and to hone in on what’s most important to her in the fiber and qualities of yarn.

With years of industry experience under her belt Susan decided to embark on starting a yarn and pattern company of her own.

This is where we are today.

Barrett Wool Co. has been three years in the making. We are a family-run business coming to you from, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. The thoughtful, personal care that has gone into the yarn development and color selection for Barrett Wool Co. has been extensive and we are very proud of the results. Our goal here at Barrett Wool Co. is to provide knitters with our 100% American grown, spun and dyed yarns and fun-to-knit inspiring patterns using our own beautiful yarns. And, of course, we want to provide you with excellent customer service along the way.  

Our upgraded quality wool yarns have been domestically sourced and custom-spun in local mills. Our 100% wool yarn is custom-dyed in Maine. The focus on American-made wool yarns is important to us on many levels. At Barrett Wool Co. we are all about bringing things closer to home. We are working directly with the people who are at the source of our products and that feels good which in turn makes our yarn feel good. We want knitters and all fiber-y folks to enjoy and love our yarns as much as we do. And that starts with us at our home base in Madison, WI.

Our finely developed pattern line is an extension of what Susan has already been doing for years, writing fun, accessible and beautiful knitting patterns. Each pattern is carefully crafted, written for clarity and ease of understanding. Each pattern goes through extensive technical editing and trial runs before being published. Part of our goal for Barrett Wool Co. is to also provide tutorials and the teaching elements that will help knitters improve and learn as they work on Barrett Wool Co. projects.    

We hope you enjoy Barrett Wool Co. products as much as we do! Thanks for joining us on this new knitting adventure.

Susan B. Anderson and Evan Anderson

Introducing Evan Anderson

The other key part of Barrett Wool Co. is Susan’s son and Barrett Wool Co. co-founder, Evan Anderson. Evan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business with a degree specializing in accounting. He has focused on small business management and start-up companies. Evan has been diligently working behind the scenes on everything from our new website, yarn development, account managing, graphic design, music creation, videography and photography. He is a creative soul with a strong business background, which makes him the perfect fit for Barrett Wool Co.

And he knits!