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BWC Ring Stitch Marker Set with To-Go Ring


BWC Ring Stitch Marker Set with To-Go Ring

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Ring stitch markers are so incredibly useful in all different types of projects and I felt like it was important for us to offer these in our shop. 

Our ring stitch markers are smooth and colorfully coated so they slide easily across your needles. We have two different sizes available. 

~ The small size rings fit US needle sizes 0 to 9 (2mm- 5.5mm). 

~ The large size fit rings fit US needle sizes 10 to 13 (6mm - 9mm).

Each set contains approximately 60 rings in assorted colors. The 6 colors are sunny yellow, orchid, leafy green, rosy pink, citrus orange, and azure blue. You will get a mixture of the colors in each bottle.

The To-Go Ring is the best part! I want our BWC Ring Stitch Markers to be portable for you. So we have included a wire ring with a clasp that fits neatly under the cork stopper of the small glass bottle. Simply slide some of the stitch markers on the wire ring, hook the wire ring closed and toss it in your knitting bag. This way you don’t need to carry around the entire bottle. 

BWC Ring Stitch Marker Sets with To-Go Rings make the perfect gift that every knitter would absolutely love.

Snap up your own sets and let us know what you think.