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Glenfidditch Hat Kit

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While I was at the Wing and a Prayer Retreat in early June I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the talented designer and teacher Thea Colman. I have loved Thea’s work for years. She told me that she had designed a hat using our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted Weight and I could not believe I had missed it. When I got home I immediately purchased the pattern from Thea and started knitting! I enjoyed the Glenfidditch pattern so much that we have now developed kits.

The Glenfidditch Hat is a spectacular knit in so many ways. The Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarn shows off the rib and cables in the best way. The pattern is so entertaining and clear. As you work you watch the beautiful cables grow and travel across the hat. It is a mesmerizing knit.

I added 20 rows of rib to the brim before I started Thea’s chart. Thea knit her Glenfidditch for her husband in the Penny colorway, and it is a handsome hat. The two versions I knitted are for my nieces’ birthdays. I thought they would appreciate the longer ribbing at the brim to turn up or to wear in a more slouchy-style.

Now, about those pom-poms! 

For the Glenfidditch Kits we have found some fantastic faux-fur poms that are attached to the top of the hat with a snap! This is genius. The poms stay in place and are super secure. You can snap the pom-pom off for washing the hat. You can switch the pom-poms out anytime. 

I made a quick video tutorial for stitching on the bottom piece of the snap to the top of the hat. We’ve included thread and a sewing needle for the fast and simple stitching on. It only takes a minute! 

For the kits we have a fun offer! In the kit, you get a skein of Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted (enough for one hat), stitch markers, the pattern, and your (optional) choice of a snap-on pom-pom. 

If you do choose one pom-pom for your kit, we are throwing in an extra pom-pom with no added cost to you! Leave a note in the special instructions box with your color selection for the second pom-pom This way you can enjoy snapping them off and on and switching around between hats. I really think you will love these new poms!

The Kit Includes:

  • One skein of Wisconsin Woole Spun worsted weight.
  • A faux-fur snap-on pom in the color of your choice. If you purchase a pom-pom, you get a second one for FREE! Just leave a note with your second pom-pom color selection in your order.
  • An embroidery needle and thread to attach your snap-on pom-pom.
  • A Ravelry download code to redeem for a copy of the Glenfidditch pattern.
  • A tin of 20 assorted color stitch markers.
  • The kit comes packaged in a hand-stamped natural cotton project bag.