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Going West Socks Minis Kit

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On our travels to Stitches West 2018 (thus the name Going West) I started and finished the most perfect pair of socks. There are two main reasons why these socks are perfect. One, 100% wool socks are amazing. They feel so squishy, warm and cozy on your feet and the wool feels fantastic in your hands as you knit. I have many pairs of 100% wool socks and they are truly the squishiest, most comfortable socks I own. The Going West socks are my new favorites. I never want to take them off.

The second reason these are the perfect socks is that they were so fun and potato-chippy to knit. I literally couldn't stop knitting on them. The striping repeat is incredibly simple and easy to memorize and the color changes only add to the entertaining nature of the knitting at hand. I just wanted to keep going and going. And I did!

The Going West Socks Minis Kits give you plenty of yarn, about 150 grams in seven dreamy colors of our Home Fingering Weight to knit any size in my Smooth Operator Socks pattern, which I used to make these socks. I am providing some additional instructions for the striping sequence, stripes, heels and toes in printed form along with the kit. These instructions will also be posted on the BWC Journal. The SOS pattern is optional with the kit in case you already own it.

Original includes Huron (navy), Tattersall (tan), Bluff (blue), Strawflower (blush pink), Ellie Grey, Big Woods (forest green) and Folkstone (dark gray).

Kit Option 1 includes Scout (teal) as the main color, Tattersall (tan), Bluff (blue), Strawflower (blush pink), Ellie Grey, and Field (mustard). 

Kit Option 2 includes Peppercorn (charcoal) as the main color, Morning Sky (light blue), Marmalade (orange), James (the lightest peach), Acorn (camel), and March Wind (medium gray).

The Kit Includes:

  • Enough yarn to make one pair of Going West Socks (about 150 grams) in the following colors of our Home Fingering Weight: Huron, Tattersall, Bluff, Strawflower, Ellie Grey, Big Woods and Folkstone.
  • An optional Ravelry download code for the Smooth Operator Socks pattern. This will be included on a paper card inside the kit.
  • A printed page with specific Going West Socks instructions to be used along with the Smooth Operator Socks pattern.
  • The kit will come packaged in a hand-stamped project bag.