Layer Cake Mitts Kit
Layer Cake Mitts Kit
Layer Cake Mitts Kit

Layer Cake Mitts Kit

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I worked on a fun design to show off this light as air yarn. I came up with a simply textured fingerless mitts pattern I am calling Layer Cake Mitts. It’s the perfect time of year for fingerless mitts. It’s still cold in the morning and even in the afternoon and night, it’s still chilly. The Layer Cake Mitts add a little warmth but not too much. 

The kits include a skein of our Botanically dyed CVM Wool fingering weight, a complementary Ravelry download code for the pattern and stitch markers. 

This CVM wool is dyed botanically with madder, goldenrod, and walnut. There are also undyed natural skeins. The skeins are in 2-ounce put-ups, or about 50 grams each although many of them are oversized. It is gorgeous, beautiful wool. The CVM is soft and even softer after washing and blocking, and it has a somewhat rustic spin. Lovely!