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Little Hearts Minis Kit


Little Hearts Minis Kit

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As February, the month of love, quickly approaches we are happily launching the Little Hearts Minis Kit. We've bundled up six squishy, bouncy mini-skeins in the colors of love for you to knit up your own Little Hearts (free pattern found on the BWC Journal). I used my Little Love Scissors while knitting my own set of Little Hearts and thought you might love that, too, so we've included that as an option in the kit.

What are some ideas for using your Little Hearts? Well, here are some of mine.... sneak one into the pocket of a loved one young or old to find later, put some in a pretty bowl on your coffee table, make a garland to string somewhere sweet in your home, add one or two to top off a Valentine package, pop one in an envelope to mail to a faraway friend, leave one in the mailbox for your mail carrier, teacher's gifts..... the list goes on and on!  

For your information, one of my Little Hearts weighs in at 5 grams including the stuffing. 

The Kit Includes:

  • Six mini-skeins (about 20 grams each) of our Home Worsted Weight in the following colors: Red Flannel, Strawflower, Wood Violet, Priscilla, James and Ellie Gray.
  • An optional pair of Little Love scissors in your choice of three colors.
  • A printed one-page copy of the Little Hearts pattern.
  • The kit comes packaged in a hand-stamped cotton project bag.