Merry Bear Kit
Merry Bear Kit
Merry Bear Kit
Merry Bear Kit
Merry Bear Kit

Merry Bear Kit

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Every year the holiday season sneaks up on me so this year I am determined to get a few projects done early. The first holiday-themed project is today’s new kit and pattern modifications called Merry Bear! This little fella may look a little familiar and that’s because Merry Bear is a modification of the A Bear in a Bunny Suit pattern.

Merry Bear uses the A Bear in a Bunny Suit pattern with some simple modifications. These modifications are included in the new Merry Bear Kit as a printed sheet, and I have posted them for FREE on the Barrett Wool Co. Journal. If you already own the pattern you are all set.

The Kit Includes:

  • Home Worsted Weight in Tattersall, Red Flannel, Grassland and Picket Fence. This is enough to make one Merry Bear.
  • An optional Ravelry download code for the original A Bear and a Bunny Suit pattern.
  • A printed copy of the pattern modifications.
  • A pair of 6mm safety eyes and a cut length of Peppercorn Home Worsted Weight for the face embroidery.
  • The kit will come packaged in a hand-stamped natural cotton project bag.