Mini Christopher Bunny Kit
Mini Christopher Bunny Kit
Mini Christopher Bunny Kit
Mini Christopher Bunny Kit
Mini Christopher Bunny Kit

Mini Christopher Bunny Kit

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The yarn is dyed with natural materials. The colors will vary quite a bit. All are beautiful and will create a lovely set of bunnies!

I have a brief story to tell you today. We lucked into a small batch of some incredibly special and rare yarn. First, it is spun by our small Wisconsin mill so you already know that it is a fantastically rustic woolen spun yarn. It has been spun into a beautiful fingering weight yarn. It is truly lovely. The wool is CVM or California Variegated Mutant breed of sheep. If you’d like to read more about it click here for more information.

Next, to take this gorgeous wool up another notch it has been botanically hand-dyed with goldenrod, madder root, walnuts, and one batch has been left in its natural form. It is amazing yarn. 

Because we only have a small batch of this one-of-a-kind yarn, we want as many people to try it as possible so we have created the most charming little bunny kits for you today. So I took the fingering weight yarn and made two exquisite little bunnies using the original Christopher Bunny pattern and sizing it down. 

The original pattern uses worsted weight yarn and for the Mini-Christopher Bunnies, all I did was change the needle sizes. That’s it! I did everything exactly as written in the pattern using smaller needles. For the bunnies, I used US size 2/2.5mm double-pointed needles, and for their sweaters, I used US size 4/3.5mm needles. I completed everything exactly the same as written! 

Then I did something I don’t often do. I wanted this special yarn to fully bloom. I submerged the completely stuffed and finished bunnies in cold water with a little wool wash soap (I use Soakwash brand - I have no affiliation, I just love the soap.) to completely soak the bunny. I carefully squeezed out the excess water and sat the bunny up to dry. Worked like a charm. The bunnies are so soft and squishy, they are just dreamy.

For the Mini-Christopher Bunny Kits we are giving you enough yarn to create two bunnies, one in Walnut (brown) and one in Natural (oatmeal gray). Then we are giving you enough of the Goldenrod (gold) and Madder Root (red) yarn to create your bunny Snowflake Sweaters. You can mix in these colors any way you’d like, maybe you want a solid color sweater, just leave out the colorwork section, or a striped sweater, maybe it’s short-sleeved. Do whatever you’d like. For the sweaters, I just went straight by the pattern. These I blocked as well in the same way.

After the CVM Botanically Dyed yarn is gone, it is gone. If you’re interested in trying out the super-fun and seamless Mini-Christopher Bunny Kits with this amazing yarn grab one quick! 

You get the botanically dyed yarn, as described, four skeins, the safety eyes, and black thread for embroidery, the pattern is included at no additional cost (we do this because many of you may already own the pattern so you are not purchasing the pattern twice), and it is packed up for you in our printed cotton project bag. You’ll need your own knitting needles, a few notions, and some fiberfill. 

This yarn is rare and botanically dyed so it is more expensive than our usual offerings. It will enable you to create the sweetest, softest little treasured bunnies around, I promise. 

I hope you enjoy this special offering!

The Kit Includes:

  • Enough special CVM botanically dyed fingering weight yarn to make two bunnies and their sweaters. Four skeins in the colors Goldenrod, Natural, WalnutMadder Root, and Natural Gray
  • The pattern is included at no additional cost. It is a download code on a printed card inside the kit bag. The mini bunny pattern is on the last two pages of the pattern.
  • Two sets of safety eyes and black embroidery thread.
  • A printed BWC cotton project bag.