Mystery Grab Bags
Mystery Grab Bags
Mystery Grab Bags
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Mystery Grab Bags

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Every summer when I was growing up my family would spend time in northern Minnesota at my grandparents' humble cabin on a lake. Not too far away there was a little main street with a few shops we would visit on the way to the cabin. I so vividly remember a gift shop that had penny candy. We would get to fill a bag with all sorts of candy and at the check-out counter there would be a barrel filled with brown bags stapled shut labeled, “Mystery Grab Bags!” The excitement would run high if my mom said we could pick a mystery bag, she didn’t let us every time. What a thrill you would get when ripping open that bag. 

Well, in the same northern Minnesota gift shop spirit, we have pulled together odds and ends of our beautiful yarn lines to create some fun and spectacular Mystery Grab Bags for you today. We are trying to clear out a bit of space to make room for some major restocks of our favorite yarns. The delivery trucks have already started arriving at BWC headquarters as we gear up for the fall and winter knitting seasons. I'm hoping you can help us out.

What can you do with odds and ends of yarn like this? All sorts of things. Here are a few ideas for you: colorwork where only little bits are needed, baby knits, toy knitting, hat knitting, scrappy socks, scrappy mittens, scrappy hats, sampler blankets, swatching, teaching someone to knit, coasters, granny squares, etc. I know you could think of a million more ideas. 

Please read the following information about the Mystery Grab Bags:

*You’ll get a generous 200 grams of your choice of Fingering Weight, Worsted Weight, DK Weight (limited amount available), or Sport Weight yarn. A few of the worsted bags may have a small amount of our Home Bulky Twist thrown in. 

* The yarn in each bag will all be the same weight of your choice but it will be a combination of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun lines, Home lines or from our Woolens line. 

* The yarn will come in skeins big, small and mini, wound cakes, and/or hand-wound balls from Susan. The colors will be randomly selected for each Mystery Grab Bag. The yarn is all in good shape but we cannot guarantee that all of the skeins will be tangle-free. 

* Just for fun, each bag will include a Barrett Wool Co. sticker in a randomly selected color. A select few bags will include a faux-fur pom with ties. 

The purchase of the Mystery Grab Bag is final and as is. No returns. Each bag will be different!

* The Mystery Grab Bags will come packed in a printed cotton bag with an illustrated tag by Susan.

Important Shipping Note: The Mystery Grab Bags will begin shipping on Friday, August 26th, 2022.