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Sven & Solveig Kit


Sven & Solveig Kit

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Please Note Shipping Dates: All Sven & Solveig Kits ordered starting July 13th, 2018 will start shipping on Friday, July 20th, 2018. 

Click Here for Susan's Modifications

Carol Anderson, a Wisconsin native, has struck a chord for decades with her completely charming knit dolls, Sven and Solveig. Carol originally designed and published the Sven Scandinavian doll booklet (which includes the pattern to make Solveig) in 1983 and it has been going strong ever since. The top-down seamless dolls have their clothes and faces knit right in as you work. The hat is worked separately. The beard and braids are added later. The booklet includes illustrations by Carol's daughter Kari, written instructions, charts from which to choose, a little Norweigan Folklore, and more. The patterns are only available in this printed booklet and are not available in a digital format. 

On a side note, Lori Graham, who is a beautiful knitter, inspired my own set of Sven & Solveig dolls. Check out Lori's dolls right here on her inspiring Instagram feed: loritimesfive

Note from Susan: I knit the dolls in the photos with our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight on a US size 2 needles, at a gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch. For reference, my dolls measure 10-inches in height without the stocking caps.

Over the next couple of weeks ahead, I will be blogging on the BWC Journal about the modifications I made in the pattern and I will also provide some tips for your Sven knitting. I will link all of the blog posts right here on the Sven & Solveig Kit page as I post so check back later for more! We will also be notifying kit purchasers when the blog series has been completed so you don't miss out.

The Kit Includes:

  • Half-skeins of the following colors in our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Fingering Weight: Birch, Sherwood, Penny, Hawthorn, Quaker Gray, Laurel, and Jam. The kit also includes a mini-skein of Buttercream which is an exclusive colorway for Solveig's braids and a mini-skein of Blushing to use for Solveig's colorwork sweater and her smile. The kit contains enough yarn to make both dolls with more than plenty left over.
  • A printed sheet that tells what colors Susan used for her dolls. But feel free to make your own unique Sven & Solveig!
  • A cut length of Wishing Well in Home Fingering Weight for the dolls' eyes.
  • Optional Sven Scandinavian pattern booklet by Carol Anderson.
  • Mohair locks from a California farm to use for Sven's beard.
  • A tin with 20 assorted stitch markers.
  • A hand-stamped cotton project bag.