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Sven & Solveig Beard and Hair Tutorial Videos


Hi, Friends,
I am sharing the Sven & Solveig beard and hair tutorials today. I hope you find these two videos helpful. 


I'd love to see your finished dolls! Tag me or Barrett Wool Co. on Instagram or drop me a message somewhere. We have more kits on order and I'll let everyone know when they are available again.

xo ~ susan


Sven & Solveig Modifications

Hi, Knitters,

I'm back with some more simple modifications I made when working on the Sven & Solveig dolls. I'll list them for you here. These mods mainly include length adjustments because I am using a finer yarn and gauge than in the original pattern. 

I finished up the yoke of the sweaters for both dolls as written in the booklet. I used Chart B for Sven's yoke and Chart C for Solveig's yoke. 

Sleeves: I knit the sleeves for 19 rounds, then 5 rounds of rib. This is the same for both dolls.


For Sven I knit 13 rounds , then 5 rounds of rib.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds, then 5 rounds of rib. 

Top of Pants:

For Sven I knit 10 rounds.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds.


For Sven I knit 10 rounds for each leg before the sock.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds and I continued striping 2 rounds in one color, 1 round in a contrast color for each leg before the boots.


Sven: 3 rounds rib, 8 rounds of the sock before the boot.

Solveig: 3 rounds rib, 6 rounds of the sock before the boot.  

Boot: Same as in the booklet for both dolls.

Mitts: I left out the thumb on both dolls. After picking up the stitches I worked 8 rounds in the mitten color and then worked the decrease as in booklet.

Hat: Same for both dolls. I did 5 rounds of rib and then used Carol's pattern instructions exactly for the shaping of the hat. I just used all of the colors I used in the dolls and used the charts in the booklet and added stripes and I added some simple 2 by 2 checkers and alternated colors every other stitch, etc. 

Next time I'll come back with a couple of tips for the beard and hair! 

I hope you are enjoying your Sven & Solveig knitting. There are more booklets available in the shop right now if you are interested. I thought you might like to see the back view of Sven and Solveig.

xo ~ susan 


Sven & Solveig Modifications: Kit Guide & Head/Face Tips

Hi, Knitters, 
First, here is the Sven & Solveig Kit Guide I wrote up and included in our kit. I thought I would also include it here on the Journal for future reference and for people just knitting their own Sven & Solveig on their own without the kit. The kit guide provides a color guide for each of the dolls and a few extra tips like how to make Solveig's scarf and to add her hair, and how to add Sven's beard using locks.
So as far as my other modifications are concerned, you need to own the original pattern in order to apply the following modifications. I am just adding some things in and altering other things slightly but I am not giving away any pertinent information from the pattern.
I'm going to work my way down and write out my modifications in case some of you are interested. I reduced the lengths on many of the doll parts because I knit at a smaller gauge.
Gauge mods: The original gauge is 6 stitches per inch on a US size 2 needle with a sport weight yarn. I used fingering weight on a US size 2 needle at a gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch. This made the fabric much tighter and the doll is much smaller. 
Size: The original doll measures in at 14-inches in height. My version is 10-inches in height not including the stocking cap.
Head Modifications:
The original pattern has you cast on a larger number of stitches and leave the hole open to stuff from the top. I prefer to cast on a small number of stitches and do a rapid increase sequence, close up that hole and stuff the toy as you work down. I also reduced the length of the head significantly.
Top of head:
Cast on 9 sts using the long-tail cast-on method. Place 3 sts on each of 3 double-pointed needles. Join to work in the round being careful not to twist the stitches. Place a stitch marker on the first stitch to indicate the beginning of the round. 
Rnd 1: Knit.
Rnd 2: Kfb in each stitch. 6 sts per needle; 18 sts total.
Rnd 3: Knit.
Rnd 4: (K1, kfb) repeat to the end of the round. 9 sts per needle; 27 sts total.
Rnd 5: (Kfb, knit to the end of the needle) repeat on each needle. 10 sts per needle; 30 sts total.
On pg. 10 of the original pattern begin on Rnd 2 under Head.
Work Rounds 2-10. 
Take the end from the cast on stitches and place it on a yarn needle. Take some stitches around the hole and gather it tightly closed. Pull the end to the inside, weave in and trim.
Rearrange the stitches as follows:
Needle 1: 30 sts; Needles 2 and 3: 15 sts each
Needle 1 is the front of the face.
Eye and Nose Placement:
On the next round, place the Eyes as follows:
Needle 1: K11, add eye as directed, k6, add eye as directed, k11. 
Needles 2 and 3: Knit.
After the eyes are worked in as directed knit 3 rounds. On the next Round you will work the nose.
Page 11; Nose
Place the NOSE as follows:
On Needle 1 the center 2 stitches are the 15th and 16 sts.
Work the nose instructions as written in the pattern. 
The original pattern has you work to 4-inches. I worked even until the head measures 3 1/4-inches from the cast on stitches.
Chin and Neck:
No mods, work as directed in the pattern. 
Nose Finishing:
The only modification I made here is that I did not add any stuffing to the nose.
Next up, length modifications for the sleeves and body, and a quick mitten mod!
I'll be back soon with more....
xo ~ susan