Butterfly & Cocoon New Version Information

Five years ago the Butterfly & Cocoon pattern was released. I’ve been eyeing up our Woolens sport weight yarn and some Wisconsin Woolen Spun sport to make some new versions of this sweet pattern. I decided now is the perfect time to knit up a few new little friends.

The Butterfly is worked seamlessly from the bottom up with the wings and antennae picked up and knit on. The Cocoon is worked seamlessly from the bottom up in the round and then back and forth in garter stitch for the hood, ending with a little i-cord loop at the top. 

The new sample versions only use three colors of yarn, the original pattern calls for four colors. I used the same color for the Cocoon, wings and antennae in each one.

The Woolens versions are as follows:
Version 1 (on the left in the photo above):
Poundcake (muted yellow)
Terrarium (mossy green)
Cove (heathered blue)

Version 2 (in the middle in the photo above):
Belle (heathered rose)
Greenland (icy mint green)
Vine (heathered green)

The Wisconsin Woolen Spun version (with the heart) is as follows (on the right in the photo above):
Blushing (blush pink)
Caramel (light tan)
Hawthorn (brown)

In your kit, you’ll select the colorway of choice, and get enough yarn to make two butterflies and two cocoons by switching the colors around. Here is a quick guide for the amounts used in each of the different yarns. The Wisconsin Woolen Spun is a slightly heavier sport weight than the Woolens. 

Woolens uses (approximately):
Head and upper body stripes: 6 grams
Lower body and upper body stripes: 4 grams
Wings, antennae, and Cocoon: 15 grams

Wisconsin Woolen Spun uses (approximately):
Head and upper body stripes: 8 grams
Lower body and upper body stripes: 4 grams
Wings, antennae, and Cocoon: 18 grams

On the Wisconsin Woolen Spun version (browns and pink), I used duplicate stitch to make a heart on the front of the cocoon and we will include a heart chart on a small card inside all of the kits if you’d like to add a heart to your cocoon with duplicate stitch. The heart can be added to any kit version.

Also included in the kit are two sets of safety eyes and backings and black thread to embroider the mouth (and to make French knots for the eyes if you don’t want to use the safety eyes). The pattern is included at no additional cost as a pdf code for Ravelry on a printed card inside the kit bag. The kit comes packed in a printed cotton project bag with an illustrated tag by me (Susan!).

I think you’re going to love making these sweet little Butterflies & Cocoons. It’s the perfect “dreaming of spring” project. I think this is one of my best designs, it’s certainly one of my favorites. 

The individual pattern is available on Ravelry and on our BWC pattern page.


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