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Episode 31 ~ Cabled Gigi & Leading Men Fiber Arts Giveaway!


Hi, Knitters,

Here are the Shownotes for Episode 31:

To enter to win the Leading Men Fiber Arts Yarn please click on over to YouTube and leave a comment under the video. Click here! 

For the 50% Off Barrett Wool Co. Pattern Sale on Ravelry use the code: SUMMER at checkout. Click here for the BWC Pattern Shop on Ravelry or for the BWC Pattern Shop on our website!

The pattern sale includes the new Cabled Gigi Pullover pattern for 50% off with the code SUMMER and the Sven booklet with the same code! 

Click here for the new Cabled Gigi Sweater Kits! Includes exclusive Diamond Willow Button from Wooly Moss Roots! 

Knit Social

Andrea Rangel

Grocery Girls

Shannon Cook

Jane Richmond

Kristan MacIntyre ~ necklace!

Gentle Armour


Mrs. Brown's Bags

Devin Ventre ~ Knitty McPurly

Gigi Cardigan Kits

Cabled Gigi Pullover Kits

Diamond Willow Buttons

Barrett Wool Co. Yarns

Studio Britta

Carbeth Cardigan

Entwined Hat

Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted

Faux-fur Pom-Poms

Sylvan Meadows Farm

That should do it! Thanks for watching and entering the giveaway.

xo ~ susan


Podcast Episode 29: Fall Review 2017

Hi, Knitters,
I'm just popping in quickly to let you know that I filmed a new podcast episode earlier this week! I haven't had a new episode for quite awhile.
Anyway, if you're interested click here to watch on my YouTube Channel or just click play above.
I hope you enjoy!
I'll be back soon with more...
xo ~ susan