Fisherman's Rib Video Tutorial and more!

Today I have the first of many video tutorials for you! The Barrett Wool Co.wl pattern uses the fisherman's rib stitch and it is currently available for free when you sign up for our newsletter. When you sign up an email that includes a free download link and a free Ravelry download code (so you can store the pattern in your library!).

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Barrett Wool Co.wl

The fisherman's rib creates a big, stretchy, lofty and squishy ribbed fabric which is perfect to fend off the cold weather coming in the months ahead. The size of the cowl can be easily adjusted because all you need is an even number of stitches to start and then, of course, you can stop at any length as you go. It's a fun first project. 

Our 100% wool yarn really blossoms and opens up with a good soak in cold water and using a wool soap like Soak Wash, for example. You'll see what I mean after you finish your first project.

 Barrett Wool Co.wl

The Barrett Co.wl uses two skeins of our Home Worsted Weight wool. I picked out some of my favorite color combinations for you to consider when you are deciding for your cowl. Trust me, these are all good choices. I want one of each!

I want to mention that my finished cowl, which is finished as directed in the pattern, weighs in at 148 grams. If you have three skeins of the worsted you could make two cowls. Just a thought as we move into the holiday gift giving season. This is an attractive, fast and fun wearable project which makes it a perfect gift. 

Smooth Operator Socks 

And a final note today, I am working on a little collection of socks using my Smooth Operator Socks pattern. The collection will have stitch patterns and a few other ideas to jazz up your socks. This is my second pair for the collection so it will still be awhile until it's ready for release. The sock in the photo above uses Home Fingering Weight in the Humble Gold and Bluff colorways (this could be a good combination for the cowl, too). The needles are from Signature Needle Arts. The sock blocker is from The Loopy Ewe

Click here to see the pattern on Ravelry!

The SOS pattern uses an afterthought heel technique. Anyway, the big news here with the sock is that I figured out a new and different way to close up the gap on the sides of the heel after you remove the waste yarn. It was a revelation! I am writing up the instructions to do this new No Pick Up gap closer technique. It is simple and foolproof and you won't need to stitch up any holes after the fact. As soon as I get this new addition done it will be added to the addendum of the pattern. I will then send out a pattern update to all previous purchasers of the pattern and it will be included in the pattern for new purchasers. It will take me a couple of days to get it done.

I think you're going to love it! I'll let you know when it's ready.

Well, it feels pretty good over here. I'm getting adjusted. I have so much in store for you all. I already have two more tutorials filmed and another in the works. One thing I am striving to do with Barrett Wool Co. is make it a friendly, unintimidating place to be for all levels of knitters and one way I will be doing this is by sharing lots of tutorials and information right here on the blog.

Thanks for being here and sharing a moment of your day with me. And honestly, the response yesterday was overwhelming. I heard from so many knitters who have been with me for the last decade and to receive so much love for this new chapter was incredibly inspiring. We are working so hard to get all of the orders out. I hope you love our packaging as much as I do.

Much love to you all.

best, susan 


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