Gigi Modifications :: Button Bands & Buttons

Hi, Knitters,

So to continue on with the Gigi Cardigan modifications today I am going to talk about the button bands, collar, and pockets. The pattern is a design from the wonderful Devin Ventre. You can find Devin on Instagram as @knittymcpurly

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 I put together a few Instagram Stories for you that I shot during the making of the Gigi!

Buttons and Buttonhole Placement

I used the pattern as is for the button band instructions as far as picking up the stitches along the front edges. And for the buttons, if you are using three buttons just follow Devin's pattern for placing the buttonholes. You will be all set!

I wanted to have the cardigan button all the way down so I made more button holes and I used six buttons instead of three. 

To figure out the buttonhole placement I first picked up knit the button band. Using plastic detachable stitch markers I marked the placement for each button. I tried on the cardigan to envision the button placement better. 

If you have a concern about pulling or gaping at the largest part of the bust be sure to start by first placing a button right at that point to keep it closed. Then work out from there evenly spacing the buttons on the button band. The Gigi Cardigan has a button at the collar so keep that in mind and place the first button on the button band accordingly. 

I used the 2x2 rib as a guide. I placed the first button on the button band on the fourth k2 section down from the top. For the bottom I placed the button on the third k2 section up from the bottom. The other buttons I spaced out evenly in between, every fifth k2 section. I didn't worry about placing a button right at the bust because I don't have trouble with gaping. 

I used the same buttonhole as Devin directed in the pattern. After blocking I stitched the buttons on the button band directly across from the buttonholes using matching thread and a sewing needle. To stitch the buttons on I used the k2, p2 sections as guides for counting and placement. This works really well.

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I'll back soon with more.

love, susan


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