Introducing the Gigi Cardigan Kit

Photo from Devin Ventre

Yarn in photo is Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted in Rainshower

Hi, Knitters,

I first saw the Little Gigi cardigan when it was nominated for the Mason Dixon Knitting March Mayhem bracket last spring. I fell in love with the simple and sweet design. Then Devin Ventre, the designer of the Little Gigi, happened to order some Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted and told me she was designing the adult-sized Gigi cardigan with our yarn. We emailed back and forth for a bit and I decided to ask if we could collaborate to make a cardigan kit using our yarn and her pattern. Devin was very excited about the idea of a Gigi Cardigan Kit and the feeling is mutual!

I started dreaming of my own Gigi right away but I had to wait patiently for the pattern to be completed. It was released in June 2017 (click here to see Gigi on Ravelry) and I started knitting mine right away. At this time I have knitted a Gigi in the Sherwood colorway and Devin has knitted two Gigi cardigans, one in Rainshower and one in Penny

Photo by Devin Ventre

Yarn in photo is Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted in Rainshower 

I love this little cardigan! I am telling you that this is a fast, fun and very simple knit that is perfect for first-time sweater knitters (no sleeves!), or for experienced knitters wanting to relax a bit. No matter what your skill level, you will end up with a super versatile cardigan that can be worn year-round in most climates. The short sleeves make it perfect for layering, dressing up or down. And the open front makes it great for warmer climates. For the cold weather people, we can never pile on enough wool items so we are good to go for all seasons with this one.

In fact, I don't like wearing big sweaters under my winter coat because the sleeves get all bunched up. The Gigi will be perfect under my parka for that added bit of warmth without the extra bulk. Can't wait! I'm thinking about wearing Gigi with cute dresses, jeans, t-shirts both long and short sleeved and my usual skirts that I love. I can't wait to wear it for teaching, too.

Photo by Devin Ventre

Yarn in photo is Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted in Rainshower

There are little details in the Gigi design that I just love. The shoulders and short-sleeves are done in reverse stockinette stitch as are the pockets. The collar is so fun. It is picked up and worked horizontally across the neckline in a k1, p1 rib and picking up the collar stitches as you go to attach.  

For our Gigi Cardigan Kit I contacted my favorite button-maker in the world, Wooly Moss Roots. They make the best wooden buttons around. Ever. I have used their buttons on so many sweaters at this point I've lost track. You will love these buttons, I swear they are magic. So I commissioned Wooly Moss Roots to make us the most gorgeous Black Walnut buttons to go with our Gigi kits. These buttons are truly a work of art and are the perfect size for the cardigan. I hope you love them as much as I do.

My plan for this new cardigan kit is to lay out and share my own knitting of the Gigi Cardigan with you. I made some fun modifications along the way but you wouldn't need to do any mods at all. It is great looking just the way it is written! 

This photo shows a pretty close to accurate color for Sherwood.

Here is a list of the tutorials and tips I will be sharing, again, you don't need to make any modifications, I just did it for fun:

~ Adding short-rows at the back collar

~ Adding a Knotted Steek

~ Making the sleeves fit 

~ Figuring out where to place the buttons/buttonholes 

And so much more! I'm going to keep it coming. The blog will be jam-packed next week with so much Gigi information.  

If you do order a Gigi Cardigan Kit I know you will love knitting it as much as I did! And I know you will love wearing yours, too.

Photo by Devin Ventre 

Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted in Penny

I'll be back with so much more on the knitting of this cardigan. By the way, if you haven't tried our Wisconsin Woolen Spun you really should give it a whirl. It is so incredibly special and unique. The finished garment is light as air.

My Gigi Cardigan is knit in the 38-inch bust size. I normally would knit a 36-inch size but Devin suggests 3 to 4 inches of positive ease. I didn't want mine to be too big so I went with the size 38 and it is a perfectly relaxed fit. I used US size 8 needles for the body and US size 7 needles for the edgings.

We have 5 color options for the Gigi Cardigan Kit, and button options, too. It's all very exciting. 

Click here to find out more about the Gigi Cardigan Kit! 

Happy Friday! 

love, susan 

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  • I love this and would love to knit it!!! My question… the finished chest measurement with the sweater buttoned? Do you need a certain amount of positive ease, so that it can be buttoned? I just want to be sure that I buy the right size ? It’s beautiful!!!

    Debby PItner


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