Maine Dyehouse Visit

Hi, Knitters,
A couple of weeks ago Evan and I had the opportunity to visit the Maine Dyehouse where our Home yarn line was getting dyed. The dye schedule just happened to work out so that we were visiting at the same time our yarn was being skeined and dyed so that was really exciting. We got to see our Home yarn in the works for the first time.
The Dyehouse has recently moved into a much larger facility with upgraded equipment that allows for a quicker turn around for their customers. We were so impressed with the entire operation.
The photo above is Barrett Wool Co. Home Fingering Weight on the cones and it looks so good! Beautiful.
Next, we visited the skeining machine and met many of the lovely workers who make our yarn line possible. I loved it, what a thrill. I got to pull a skein of Home Fingering Weight right off the machine to take home with me.
As you can see I am a little excited about it. 
We have a lot of new things coming including a huge new shipment of yarn arriving over the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to tell you all about it.
Thank you to the dyehouse for letting us visit and meet you, giving us a fantastic tour, and chatting about new ideas to work on together!
We loved it all. It has been a dream come true.
Take care, Knitters,
I'll be back soon with more.
xo ~ susan


  • How exciting to be around all of that lovely yarn, Susan! Can’t wait to see what flies off your needles next! Just got my bear and bunny suit kit yesterday and am anxious to start it! Thanks for all that you bring to us!

    Kathi Wright
  • I can’t imagine how exciting that would be! All that squishy, lovely yarn! And for it to be your own yarn company’s that you got to see. Truly a dream come true! Thanks for sharing your fun!

    Amber Zona


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