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Making No. 4 / Lines & the Sleepy Kitten Set Kits!

Hi, Knitters,

Every time a new issue of Making is released it is so exciting. Carrie Bostick Hoge's Making Magazine is one of the best publications out there, hand's down, in the knitting and crafting world. It is worth collecting and saving and Making is really so much more than a magazine, it is a beautiful book of inspiration and projects to make. 

Click here to find out more or to purchase Making No. 4 / Lines!

In this issue No. 4 the theme is Lines. I love getting Carrie's themes and then trying to come up with a project worthy of this publication. It is pure fun. When I think of lines I think of stripes, stripes of all sorts, dimensions, and colors. For the Sleepy Kitten Set I included striped pajamas and a striped nightie and striped sleeping bags which all come together with style. 

Click here to see the pattern information on Ravelry for the Sleepy Kittens!

photo provided by @makingzine

The Sleepy Kitten Set is a continuation of my toy designs that include little beds, pockets, cocoons or cozies. I can't seem to get enough of it. 

We've created a kit to go along with Making No. 4 / Lines that includes everything you need to make your own Sleepy Kitten Set, even the exact fabric for the sleeping bags! See the last photo for more details. 

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The construction of the toy is unique in that it starts with the feet and legs, arms, tail and ears, and these are set aside. Then when the body and head are worked the various appendages are knit right in as you go. It is really slick! The only seam in the entire toy is to attach the head to the body. 

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The Sleepy Kitten Set Kits are so sweet. Enough of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarn is included in the kit so you can make two kittens, one with the nightie and one with striped pajamas. The fabric for two sleeping bags is provided in the kit, but you'll have to stitch up the sides to make the sleeping bag. You can use a sewing machine or hand-sew (or ask your best friend who sews!). The Kit materials come to you inside a hand-stamped cotton project bag.

You can purchase the kit with or without the magazine in case you already have your copy. The only thing you'll need in addition to the kit is a little fiberfill to stuff your toys and the pillows. 

Click here for the Sleepy Kitten Kit!

Enjoy this new project and kit from Barrett Wool Co.! 



  • Hi Susan et al., Just wanted to mention that the link under the last picture that I thought would take me to your lovely Barrett Wool Co site goes straight to Ravelty … I had to come back & do a bit of hunting to find the kits, and I know you don’t want your customers to have any trouble finding this cuteness! :) Also wanted to mention that your cute and fun designs were the thing that persuaded me subscribe to Making, and the first thing I look for when a new issue arrives!

    Janel on

  • Susan,
    When will the charming kitties pattern be available for purchase?
    Mary Kate

    Mary Kate WItry on

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