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How to Stripe your Gradient Twist Mitten Kit or Any Mittens!

Hi, Knitters,
The Limited Edition Gradient Twist Mitten Kits use two colors of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted together and my original Waiting for Winter Mittens pattern to make a fun pair of stripey mittens. The striping instructions are not included in the pattern so I want to share with you how I did that here. It's not complicated and I am sure you could figure it out on your own but sometimes it's nice to have it spelled out.
Also, if you are not using the kit but want to create a fun pair of striped mittens using two colorways of Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted this will work for you as well.
So I will label the two skeins as follows:
Gradient Twist is Color A.
Birch is Color B.
Cast on with Color A. 
Work 2 rounds.
Introduce Color B.
Work 2 rounds.
Continue working 2 round stripes, alternating Colors A and B and carrying up the yarn on the inside of the mitten.
Continue to work the stripes up to the Decrease Rounds at the top of the mitten.
For the Gradient Twist Kit cut both Colors A and B and attach the other end of the Gradient Twist yarn cake and work the Decrease Rounds. 
If you are using another colorway just use the next stripe color to complete the Decrease Rounds. 
For the Gradient Twist thumb, attach the other end of the cake (the same end used for the top of the mitten), and complete the thumb. 
If you are using another colorway, match the thumb to the top of the mitten.
The mittens in the photo use the Blue to Purple skein of Gradient Twist and the Birch Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted. The colors are hard to capture but the mitten on the left starts with the Blue and then the mitten on the right turns to purple stripes. It is subtle but fun!
Here you can see the color change a little more. The left mitten is the Blue in the Gradient Twist skein and the right has the purple stripes. 
I loved knitting these and I think I will love wearing them even more. 
I hope this helps with your mitten striping questions.
love, susan