Getting Up to Speed!

Hi, Knitters, 
In case you missed it, Pauline Miller is the winner of the Mitten Kit Giveaway from earlier in the week. Congrats to Pauline! Thanks for entering, everyone. We'll have another giveaway very soon.  
In the meantime, we've been working hard to get the new and free hat pattern finished and I think it will be available later today. The hat uses one skein of Home Worsted Weight and you can make both the adult-size and the baby-size out of one skein which is fun!
More details to come soon!
We are developing a new kit for a sweet short-sleeve cardigan and I am working up a sample in the Wisconsin Woolen Spun Worsted Weight in the Sherwood colorway. It is moving along great as I am now done with the button bands and only have the collar and pockets left. I am waiting on the custom buttons we have ordered for the kit to finish it off. The buttons are coming next week so we will be in good shape.
I think you are going to love this one! It will look perfect on any age and will flatter any body shape. It's kind of perfect.
I can't wait to finish it off and share the upcoming kit with you! 
We are so lucky to be collaborating with Tanis Gray. The color palette she selected from our Home Worsted Weight for her design work kind of blows me away! It is unusual and stunning, to say the least. Tanis has designed four beautiful colorwork hats for us. Vidar, the first one, has already been released. It is so beautiful. 
Anyway, these four skeins will make all four of Tanis' hats. We are getting the next hat pattern ready to release very soon and you'll just love how she used the colors together. 


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