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Hi, Knitters,

Pockets are almost mandatory for my handknit cardigans it seems. I love having pockets on my cardigan and I will pretty much add them every time. Simple patch pockets are so easy. The original Gigi Cardigan by Devin Ventre has you knitting the patches separately and stitching them on to the fronts of the cardigan. This is totally fine and works really well. I like to do my patch pockets with a tiny twist.

Pockets for Gigi

Whenever I add patch pockets to a cardigan or sweater I like to pick up the bottom edge of the pocket with my needles and knit the pocket right onto the fabric. Then I use the ends to stitch down the sides of the pockets. It works out great!

I placed the pocket 1-inch above the ribbed hem, and 1 1/2-inches over from the button bands. To pick up the stitches insert the tip of the needle under the right leg of however many consecutive stitches you want to have for your pocket and on the same row. 

I adjusted the size of the pocket slightly making it a little bigger. I picked up 22 stitches. I attached the yarn, leaving a 10-inch end, and worked in reverse stockinette stitch for 28 rows with the US size 8 needle (this is the size I used for the body of the cardigan).

I switched to US size 7 for the ribbing. I did 8 rows of ribbing and bound off in pattern. Cut the yarn leaving a 10-inch end. Use the ends to whipstitch the pocket sides to the fronts.

I think that is it for the Gigi Cardigan Modification posts. I hope you are enjoying your cardigan knitting and then the wearing. I truly love this little cardigan and I might just knit another one in our Home Worsted Weight. It is kind of the perfect little throw on and it's just super cute. Devin Ventre did a fantastic job with this design.

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I'll back soon with more.

love, susan


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