Smooth Operator Heart Socks

Hi, Knitters,
Last summer, of 2016, I released the Smooth Operator Socks pattern and it was a runaway hit. The sock pattern is basically my twist on an afterthought heel which has become my favorite heel technique. The pattern includes a full photo tutorial and also a quick to print version. It also has been updated several times to add new tips and techniques. Basically, it's just a super fun sock pattern that includes magic loop and double-pointed needle instructions and four different size options.
The beautiful red wool socks in the photos are knit up in our Home Fingering Weight in the Red Flannel colorway. One skein of Home Fingering Weight is plenty make one pair of adult-sized socks. 
Today I am further celebrating this year-old sock pattern by adding two new options to go along with the pattern.
New additions:
1. The first is that I've added to the pattern is a brand new step-by-step photo tutorial for the No Waste Yarn Afterthought Heel. This heel technique simplifies things even further by taking out the waste yarn place holder for the heel. You just knit and knit and knit a long tube and then you cut in the heel in your desired spot. It's actually really fun. 
2. The second thing I have added is the Smooth Operator Heart Socks pattern option to go along with the original pattern! This recipe for adding in the beautiful heart lace pattern going down the sides of the socks and the single heart on the heel is going to be found right here on the BWC Journal. The following isn't the full pattern, it is intended to go along with the original SOS pattern.
The heart motif would look super cute on stripey sock yarns as well as solid, tonal or gradient sock yarns. 
Smooth Operator Heart Socks
~ how to add hearts to your socks ~
Susan B. Anderson

To see more information on or to purchase the Smooth Operator Socks pattern click here!


Cast on and complete ribbing for cuff as directed in the pattern.

Right Sock:

You want the heart motif running down the right side of the sock.

All sizes are worked the same.

For both magic loop and double-pointed needles:

Designate half of the stitches for the back of the sock and the other half for the front of the sock.

On the front stitches on the first round after the rib begin the motif as follows:

K2, place a stitch marker, work the heart motif Row 1, place a stitch marker, knit to the end of the round.

Continue working the motif pattern in between the stitch markers. Repeat the heart motif as many times as needed to get the desired length for the leg. The sample has 3 full repeats on the leg and then the heel waste yarn was added.


Place the waste yarn or mark where you’d like the heel to be as directed in the pattern. Continue to work on the foot of the sock and including the heart motif chart in between the stitch markers.

Stop including the heart motif after a Row 16 of the chart before you start the toe decreases. You may have to stop the heart motif short of the desired length of the foot. You don’t want to stop mid-chart so be sure to complete the chart and ending closest to your desired foot length before starting the toe decreases.

After you stop the including the chart, continue to knit until you reach the desired foot length before starting the toe decreases. If you are already at your desired foot length begin the toe decreases.

Note: The sample sock has seven total chart repeats. Three heart motif repeats for the leg and 4 more repeats for the foot. The sock is the medium-size in the pattern and the length is to fit a US women’s shoe size 7.5-8.

Work the toe as usual after reaching the desired length as directed in the pattern.

Adding in the Heart Motif on the afterthought heel (same for the Right and Left sock):

Pick up the stitches as usual for the heel.

Begin the chart on the first round of the heel, making sure to place it on the back of the heel stitches and not the bottom of the foot heel stitches.

Try to center the chart in the heel stitches, it may not center perfectly.

For the sample in the photo I inserted the chart as follows for a 32-stitch heel:

k7, place a stitch marker, work the heart motif chart, place a stitch marker, k6.

Continue to work the Smooth Operator Heel pattern as usual including the 16 rows of the chart.

Left Sock:

The left sock is worked exactly the same only on the front needle place the heart motif as follows:

Knit to the last 15 stitches on the front stitches or needle, place a stitch marker, work the heart motif chart, place a stitch marker, knit to the end of the round.

And there you have it, Smooth Operator Socks with hearts! Thank you for the support of this fun sock pattern. 


love, susan


  • Can the heart pattern be knit toe up. And if so can you give tips on how to do it?

    Can this heart pattern be knit toe up? And if so, any tips?
  • Since crafty and blueprint has your great sock tutorial are they going to give them to you so I can buy from you? I would love to learn your magic loop afterthought heel tutorial SOS is the a way to watch them? Thanks Judy

    Judith Grayson
  • Can these be knitted 2AAT?

    Virginia L Powell
  • Love these socks and ALL of your patterns. Also took your class on Craftsy and just letting you know you are a great teacher!!!

    Catherine Gage
  • I aw these on GroceryGirls on youtube and decided to give them a try. I have a lot of sock yarn mostly because I haven’t found a pattern I like.



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