New Colors for our Home Yarn Line!

Hi, Knitters,
Today is a big day for Barrett Wool Co.! Not only have we just passed our first anniversary we have added 10 new colors to our Home Fingering and Worsted Weight yarn line and we are so excited to finally share them with you.
We are rounding out our color palette with some deep rich colors and some softer colors and some colors that are in between. I want to share and introduce each of the new colors and give a description so you can get acquainted properly. There are so many more options now as our palette broadens and deepens.
So here we go!  
Color Name: Huron
Description: A deep dark navy blue that is a must-have for every knitter. It works as a neutral and can be combined with practically every colorway on BWC successfully. 
Color Name: Acorn
Description: A light, warm and creamy Camel color that is truly a neutral and perfect for pairing with every other Home colorway. Looks good on everyone!
Color name: Stationery
Description: An oatmeal color blended with a cool shade of light gray. Stationery reminds me of the tone of paper in an old stationery set I own. It is an unusual color that is bound to be very popular for accessories and sweaters and more. So much potential!
Color name: Tattersall
Description: A light milk chocolate shade of tan or brown is the best description for Tattersall. If you are wondering what Tattersall means, it is a distinct checkered shirt fabric many of which include this shade of tan. 
Color name: James
Description: James is the lightest kiss of the color peach you could imagine. It is creamy and sweet. The color name refers to a childhood favorite book of mine James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. 
Color name: Strawflower
Description: Strawflower is the sweetest breath of pink possible. Strawflowers come in a wide range of colors but there is a certain one that is the lightest shade of pink that moves into white that we are referring to with our yarn. It is soft and breathtaking.
Color name: Scout
Description: Teal but very rich and sitting perfectly in between blue and green. This is a vibrant and deeply saturated teal color. It's so flattering and combines beautifully with so many other colors. It's a must-have sweater color for sure!
Color name: March Wind
Description: March Wind is a medium shade of gray that is cool and blustery, just like the weather here in Madison in March. This shade of gray sits perfectly in between Ellie Grey and Folkstone (see below) to make a gorgeous gradient of grays. 
Color name: Folkstone
Description: Folkstone is a dark gray that is just about everyone's favorite color. Who doesn't like a dark gray? It is so wearable and combines beautifully with any other color. Gray is always the perfect neutral. 
We now have 5 shades of gray in our Home yarns:
Ellie Grey
March Wind
Peppercorn (charcoal)
Color name: Big Woods
Description: The perfect shade of green that is deep, lush and rich. It reminds me of hiking through the dark forest in the middle of the summer where green surrounds you at every turn. Sweaters, hats, handsome accessories, and so much more should be knit and worn in our new color Big Woods. 
I hope this helps you envision our newest colors. I hope you love them as much as we do! Please let us know what you think.
xo ~ susan

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  • These new colors are gorgeous. A great addition to your existing colors.



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