Podcast Episode 30 :: Little Twigs

Hi, Knitters,

I've posted a new video podcast today! Here are the links and information to all of the things I've talked about in the video.

Kindred Knits ebook

Little Twigs by Melody Hoffmann

bmandarine's on Instagram

Nastia Sleptsova on Etsy

Barrett Wool Co. Home Worsted Weight sweater is in the Big Woods colorway

Smooth Operator Socks pattern

The Cozy Knitter

Lowland Originals

Arne & Carlos Regia #3760

The Scrappy Thread

Signature Needle Arts

Never Not Knitting

Little Bobbins

Boho Chic Fiber Co.

Mondim ~ yarn from Portugal

Plain & Simple by Pam Allen

Taproot Magazine

Cozy Mouse on Ravelry

I think that should do it! Enjoy.

xo ~ susan


  • Great podcast! This was my first podcast and you were so fun and informative. Can’t wait to see more😳😀

  • Susan, I was so happy to see you back on your podcast! I’ve missed seeing you. I have to tell you that I recently bought Pam Allen’s book but haven’t looked through it. Sooo when you were showing the pics I looked away lol. I always enjoy seeing what projects you’re working
    and really love the new green sweater. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

  • Loved the podcast, I would love to win the book Plain & Skmple…. even thougt it would be too hot in south Louisiana to wear the knits everyday. ;)

    Cathleen Friedmann
  • I would love to have a copy of the Plain and Simple book.
    It is just my style. Thanks for the podcast!

    wanda teegarden
  • I love your cozy mouse pattern, I can’t wait to knit it. Love plain and simple by Pam Allen. Thank you for all your beautiful fun patterns.

    janet standridge


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