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Stitches West 2018 & BWC!

(Molly, Susan & Evan)
Hi, Knitters,
I have a couple of quick photos (not the best photos) from our Stitches West 2018 adventure. We had such a great time. We met so many lovely knitters from all over but mainly from out west which was fantastic since I don't get out that way too often. Our sweet wooly yarns were welcomed heartily and I saw so many old and new friends. It was delightful. 
Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting shared our booth and it was really the perfect mix of her gorgeous and unique knitting accessories, books, kits and patterns. I really enjoyed Alana so much the entire weekend. 
If you haven't been to Stitches West I would highly recommend it. It was busy and crowded the entire weekend and all for the love of knitting and wool! That's my kind of crowd.
Thanks for letting me share. 
best, susan



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