Sven & Solveig Modifications

Hi, Knitters,

I'm back with some more simple modifications I made when working on the Sven & Solveig dolls. I'll list them for you here. These mods mainly include length adjustments because I am using a finer yarn and gauge than in the original pattern. 

I finished up the yoke of the sweaters for both dolls as written in the booklet. I used Chart B for Sven's yoke and Chart C for Solveig's yoke. 

Sleeves: I knit the sleeves for 19 rounds, then 5 rounds of rib. This is the same for both dolls.


For Sven I knit 13 rounds , then 5 rounds of rib.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds, then 5 rounds of rib. 

Top of Pants:

For Sven I knit 10 rounds.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds.


For Sven I knit 10 rounds for each leg before the sock.

For Solveig I knit 12 rounds and I continued striping 2 rounds in one color, 1 round in a contrast color for each leg before the boots.


Sven: 3 rounds rib, 8 rounds of the sock before the boot.

Solveig: 3 rounds rib, 6 rounds of the sock before the boot.  

Boot: Same as in the booklet for both dolls.

Mitts: I left out the thumb on both dolls. After picking up the stitches I worked 8 rounds in the mitten color and then worked the decrease as in booklet.

Hat: Same for both dolls. I did 5 rounds of rib and then used Carol's pattern instructions exactly for the shaping of the hat. I just used all of the colors I used in the dolls and used the charts in the booklet and added stripes and I added some simple 2 by 2 checkers and alternated colors every other stitch, etc. 

Next time I'll come back with a couple of tips for the beard and hair! 

I hope you are enjoying your Sven & Solveig knitting. There are more booklets available in the shop right now if you are interested. I thought you might like to see the back view of Sven and Solveig.

xo ~ susan 


  • Hi Susan…quick question. Did you stuff the head prior adding the beard? And did you give Sven a quick soak and dry prior stuffing? Thanks!

    Ency Austin
  • Hi Susan! I was wondering for the hat, did you end up weaving in all the ends or did you just secure them and leave them tucked inside the hat?

  • Jess, I think I went straight to the sleeves after finishing the yoke. I can’t remember exactly but that’s what it looks like on the dolls!

    Susan B. Anderson
  • On the yoke, did you do the total inches recommended in the pattern before splitting for the sleeves or did you go straight to sleeves after finishing the yoke?



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